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From ARTECHE PAPER, we bet on a global service for all our customers, thanks to the diversity of products offered by the different divisions of the group (Spiralpack Tubes & Cores / Spiralpack Protective / Spiralpack Packaging / Paper).

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Spiralpack is an integral part of Holding Arteche Paper, which was created to gather all the Group’s industrial activities and thus take advantage of the synergies between the different plants of the Holding. With this new organization we have managed to create a structure of integrated companies, giving a better response to internal needs in terms of communication and supplies of raw materials.

Arteche Paper is currently consolidated as one of the main players in the Iberian market, with the ambition to grow both in domestic markets and in new markets outside our borders. To face these new challenges, Arteche Paper has been betting for years on heavy investments that have allowed us to considerably improve both our industrial facilities and machine park, and the working conditions of our employees.

We know how to listen to the needs of customers, so we develop a close relationship with our partners. Thanks to this we can provide the appropriate solutions to each problem by working as a team and collaborating closely. Arteche Paper‘s vocation is to consolidate business relationships thanks to the closeness of all its collaborators.

At Arteche Paper we believe in the individual values ​​of each of our workers, as they are the ones who give life and character to our Group companies. It is the people who make it possible for our companies to continue prospering day after day, contributing new ideas and participating in collective activities.

Arteche Paper works in a highly professional way, manufacturing and transforming more than 90,000 Tons of recycled paper in an efficient and sustainable way, respecting the environment and thinking about the well-being of current and future generations within a Global environment.

Tons of Tubes in Recycled Paper

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Production Plants

SPIRALPACK Tubes & Cores

Spiralpack has 2 production plants in the Iberian Peninsula, which gives it a strategic position to supply any point in the territory. In addition, these 2 production sites are backup to each other, providing regularity in the supply of mandrels and cardboard tubes.

On the one hand, we have Spiralpack Trofa, based in its brand-new factory located near Porto, which gives it a privileged situation when it comes to dispatching and receiving trucks. Equipped with the best machinery on the market, we continue to bet on the continuous improvement of our processes with constant investments to adapt to the needs of our increasingly demanding clients.

On the other hand, there is Spiralpack Cicarsa located in Guipúzcoa, in the Basque Country, near the French border. Thanks to the investments made by the Group, it has been possible to improve and expand the machine park, providing this plant with greater versatility to meet market demands. It is a company with a long history of success in the cardboard tube and mandrel market, with a highly qualified professional team.

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