We Care

Our mission is to offer quality industrial products with a sublime service, always respecting the environment.


We are a sustainable company, with an objective of growth based on the know-how and respect we have for ourselves and for the market. We remain focused on growing the business and expanding the range of products and the quality that characterizes us. 

Our products are made from completely environmentally friendly materials and are recycled. This allows us, in the chain of use of our product, to recycle our customer and subsequently his clients, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.


Spiralpack cares about the environment and take measures to ensure the correct management of the company, as these are aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our activity.

The use of non-polluting materials, complying with all standards, allow the use of our products in contact with food.

Spiralpack has ongoing activities aimed at improving the health of our workers and their jobs, reducing risks and developing an Occupational Risk Prevention Management System.