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Moving Together

Spiralpack is a paper cores company and part of the industrial arm of Darvesh family.

Initially as a cardboard tubes producer, Spiralpack has grown, in production levels and experience, increasingly targeting industries of great demand: paper cores.

Spiralpack offers a range of products that take a key role in the production process of our customers, making us one of the largest producers of standard and high-performance paper cores of the Iberian Peninsula. We value proximity, providing support and advice, and adapting to customer needs. A multidisciplinary team makes use of new technologies, transforming each challenge into an effective solution.

By performing product development, our team designs and conducts industrial testing to ensure that the product covers all of the customer’s needs and pretensions.

Our know-how allows us to find solutions and is continually investing to be able to introduce new technologies in our processes as well as new products and increase our quality and service.

Spiralpack Iberian Peninsula

the European branch history

Year 2001

ACE formed by companies A. Moreira Coelho, Lda. and Tubopack

ACE changes is name and creates the company Spiralpack – production and marketing of manipulated paper, Lda.

Between 2006 and 2008, Spiralpack reached a growth of 26%, reaching the transformed 5,000 ton.

Alweighs acquires 100% of Spiralpack

Spiralpack acquires 94.6% of Papeleira Portuguesa S.A.

Darvesh Group acquired 100% of Spiralpack

Darvesh Group acquired Cicarsa Spain

Spiralpack Portugal and Spain

+40 000 Ton/Potencial

In the World

The brand Spiralpack is global, with factories in Portugal, Spain and South Africa. At 20km from the airport, Spiralpack Portugal  is situated 30km north from Porto. And 2km from A3, highway that connects Porto to the north of Spain. Spiralpack is perfectly positioned to serve the market by land, ferry or sea.